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General Aviation Accidents and Incidents

A.S.I. can investigate General Aviation Accidents and Incidents

General Aviations ServicesAtlantic Southeast Investigations is able to take its many years of investigative experience and combine those skills with aviation.

Investigator Steve Siske, a certified Commercial Pilot has been training pilots for many years, both for their primary license and toward their advanced ratings and certifications.

The combination of investigative and flying experience gives us the edge on the actual investigation of an accident or incident involving general aviation aircraft.

Investigator Siske also served and retired from the Civil Air Patrol with the rank of Major and with more than 20 years of service.

During his service with the Civil Air Patrol he held many jobs such as Mission Pilot, Mission Check Pilot, Search & Rescue Mission Coordinator, and Group Commander which oversaw CAP operations in western North Carolina.

Investigator Siske also graduated from the National Search & Rescue School which was taught by the US Coast Guard and the US Air Force. This course prepared investigator Siske to coordinate search & rescue operations for both missing and overdue aircraft as well as missing persons.

Investigator Siske holds the following pilot certifications:

  • Commercial Pilot – Airplane & Rotorcraft
  • Instrument Airplane
  • Multi-Engine Airplane
  • Flight Instructor – Current
  • Airplane – Single & Multi-Engine Instructor
  • Instrument – Instructor
  • Gyro-Plane – Instructor

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