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Lab and Forensic Services

A.S.I. offer Lab and Forensic Services

Lab and Forensic CSI

Atlantic Southeast Investigations assist clients & attorneys with the collection, packaging, and submission of evidence that may contain DNA, blood, semen, or other substances so that they may be analyzed and lawfully submitted into court.

Our agency will suggest to the client a professional lab which can provide a court ready analysis.

Lab and Forensic services are extremely important and we know the process for collection.

It is critical that the chain of custody of any evidence be maintained to strict standards for court purposes.

It is critical that evidence be packaged and handled to ensure that it maintains integrity.

The forensic labs that we use can offer:

  • DNA:
    • Relationship Testing
    • Test for semen in undergarments, clothing and bedding materials
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing:
    • Test for Alcohol
    • Test for Drugs by use of urine, hair, and toe and finger nails.
  • Test For Unknown Substances
  • Test For Unknown Poisons & Toxins
  • Forensic Toxicology
  • Computers & Cell Phones
    • Our agency will assist the client or attorney with a certified computer and cell phone examiner when needed.
    • We will assist in the packaging and submission of the device to ensure that data is not compromised and the chain of custody is maintained.

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