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Social Media Investigations and Reports

Atlantic Southeast Investigations now provides Social Media Investigations and Reports

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Atlantic Southeast Investigations is now able to provide the attorney/client with a detailed Social Media Investigations and Reports:


1. Identifying Conflicts of Interest
2. Vetting Staff
3. Business Development
4. Competitive Analysis
5. Monitor Trial Sentiment
6. Jury Selection
7. Witness Location & Vetting
8. Expert Witness Vetting
9. Evidence for Litigation
10. Client Insight and Preparation


(Why you need Social Media Investigations and Reports):

* Cheating spouses discovered on Facebook or

* Foursquare, Yelp, and Facebook check-ins locate individuals.

* Twitter post or YouTube videos, evidence hateful speech, discrediting juror.

* Incriminating photos on Instagram.

* Facebook friends and Twitter followers draw relationships maps to discredit witnesses.

* Pintrest pins of purchased cars, luxury trips and fancy dinners used to force child support.

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